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Craniosacral Therapy • Myofascial Release • Heart Centered Therapy 

Occupational Therapy • Ambient Healing Light • Neck and Back Pain

Holistic Energy Healing • Pediatric Therapy • Vibrational Sound Healing

Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota

Body Whispers Therapy - Visit us in Richfield, Minnesota, for craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, and hand therapy.


Body Whispers Therapy, LLC, is dedicated to providing you with the best in craniosacral therapy, heart centered therapy, somatoemotional release, myofascial release, and other healing services.

A feather touches water softly and gently, yet the ripples continue on and on, long after the touch has ended.  This therapy is light and gentle, yet deeply and profoundly effecting all aspects of body, mind, heart and soul for complete healing on all levels.  It is bringing about and assisting in healing, transforming, and uplifting your life in whatever way you are ready for.  Looking past all the labels, diagnoses and stories, to listen to what the body really needs to heal and move forward.  By quieting the mind and allowing stillness, it is easier to hear what the body, heart, and soul have to say.  Truly listening to the voice within...body whispers. 

Treating patients of all ages, from children to adults, with any type of injury, illness, or issue. Let my 19 years of experience work for you. Many insurances accepted with a doctor's referral.  Cash discount plans also available.  

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 Visit us in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, for craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, holistic energy healing, and occupational therapy.

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